Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Addition- Phase 1

Two years ago Warren and I refinanced our house and took out a chunk of money so we could put an addition on our house. At that time the cost of lumber was quite high so we put it off until this year. We started in the middle of April with first tearing down the garage and breaking up all the concrete. Boy was this a big job! We filled two dumpsters and had many hands out there breaking concrete for hours. Then came the fun part for Warren; he rented a mini excavator and dug the hole for the footings and foundations himself. Our brother in law owns a foundations company so thanks to him we borrowed the panels and set up the walls for the footings and foundation. The day they poured the footings it was literally pouring cats and dogs. Everyone who came to help was drenched! Next came the flat work which Warren is great at but he needed lots of help to pour the 20 yards of concrete. It took most of a Saturday, three cement trucks, and six men to get it all done. Warren just amazes me at what he can do, seriously he can do it all! We are so lucky not having to pay for labor on this addition, so far.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Back in June Carson tried out for two soccer teams and didn't make it. The coaches of those teams already had who they wanted it was quite dumb to even hold tryouts if you ask me. Shortly after I ran into a coach who was recruiting for a couple of his teams and so I set up a tryout for Carson. Carson did well and coach Jeff put Carson on his upper team. Altogether I will be paying somewhere around a 1,000 dollars but that is what it costs these days to have your kid play comp soccer. I'm really impressed with his coach and Carson is having a great time on this new team. Carson played in three different tournaments over the summer and has one more to go in a week. Carson was quite excited to score a goal in the first tournament and the Park City tournament his team went to semi-finals. Go Gladiators!!

Baylee's Birthday Party


Baylee turned seven back in June and with how crazy busy this summer has been we finally got around to having a birthday party. It was so last minute I texted all her friends mom's and scheduled her party the very next day at McDonald's. It wasn't the party she would have wanted but with my house torn apart this was the best I could do. The kids had a great time and Baylee loved the attention!

Connor's first stitches

I was just starting to think how lucky we have been with having two boys and no stitches. I guess it was bound to happen. Connor was helping me take down curtain rods and sliced his finger open on one of them. I knew it wasn't too bad but Connor was bleeding a lot and feeling pretty nauseous. I took him in to his pediatrician and they put three stitches in his finger and told me it was pretty deep. Connor is a pretty tough kid, I felt bad for how sick this made him. They told us to come back in ten days so they could take out the stitches but Warren of course said no need for that and he pulled them out instead.

Daddy Daughter Date

These pictures seriously just melt my heart! For activity days the girls planned a daddy daughter date and Brynlee was so excited to spend time with her daddy. I gave Warren the idea to get her flowers and he thought it was a great idea and bought her red roses. He surprised her right before they left to the activity. I love her reaction when she walked around the corner and Warren handed her the Roses..... yes I couldn't help but get teary! :) They had a great night together!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

More Fun Adventures......

I wanted to take the kids and do a service project that they would never forget and so I thought that the Bishops storehouse would be a place that they could learn more about what the church does to help those in need. Years ago Warren and I had hit some low points in our life and did not have a steady income and had to go to the Storehouse to get groceries a few times. I have never forgotten how grateful I was and wanted my kids to know that we needed to give back because we  benefited from this service. We spent a hour and a half and bagged and boxed toilet paper and filled a pallet. The kids did well despite the hard work and I hope they always remember this experience. We will be going back again. 

This fun day Baylee and I had a mother daughter day because the other kids were out of town. We went shopping and to lunch and the highlight for Baylee was riding the merry go round! I just love this sweet girl she melts my heart with her sweetness!!

The girls went and spent the weekend with grandma Jana so daddy and I could concentrate on working on the addition without any distractions ( more to come on the addition ). Grandma took the girls to a painting exhibit and the girls got to meet a Utah Jazz player, Jeremy Evans. He is a whopping six foot nine, the girls were thrilled to have their pictures taken with him! Thanks Grandma!!

The Aquarium

I promised the girls that we would visit the new Aquarium when they got out of school and so we finally found some time and went. We invited our friends the Schaugaards and spent a few hours exploring the new facility. My favorite is always the penguins and the kids loved petting the sharks and stingrays! I love these fun adventures that we have together and wish the summer would never end.