Sunday, April 6, 2014

Listen to the Spirit

I wanted to journal about an experience that was so special for Warren and I so we will never forget it! It started with my mom calling to let us know that a lady at her work had a car that she needed to get rid of. It had  been sitting for two years and needed a few things fixed on it. Warren and I discussed it and decided that sure we would go get it and then Warren could fix it up and we could sell it for a little bit of money to put toward our addition ( coming soon ). Weeks went by and finally Warren borrowed a car trailer and drove up behind the capitol and loaded the car and brought it home. It took him a couple days to fix it, it needed brakes, rotors, an oil change, spark plugs, a battery and a major deep cleaning. The kids even jumped in to help and it was quite the family effort.
About the time we were going to pick up the car I kept having this feeling that we should give it away. Brynlee has a friend who's mom is a single mom and has no car. I couldn't get her out of my mind and I believe the spirit was telling me to give the car to her. I shared my feelings with Warren and he absolutely jumped on board and said that we should do it. We were so excited and knew that the little money we would have made off the car was not worth the reward of giving it to someone in need.
The night came when the car was fixed and ready and we were like two kids in a candy store. We drove it over to her house and knocked on the door. We told her that we had something to give her and handed her the title, bill of sale, and the key. She was so shocked and started to cry. We took her outside and showed her the car and told her that it's old, has a lot of mileage, but hopefully will get her around for a few years! She was so grateful and at a loss for words.  I will never forget that night and the experience that my husband and I had by listening to the spirit.


Baylee's Tumbling & Gymnastics studio offers live shots once a year for a twenty dollar fee, and this year I decided to sign her up. Here are a few of my favorite shots of her. She is so talented and limber I think they all turned out real nice! Now I need to pick my favorite to have framed for her room.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

17yr Anniversary........ and we're still having FUN!!

March 7th we celebrated our 17 year wedding Anniversary! Every year as we always do we ship the kids off to my dad and Jana's for the weekend and spend the weekend alone. Grandma and Grandpa look forward to this time with our kids as much as we look forward to the time away from them ( and yes we do love our kids). The alone time helps us reconnect with each other and refreshes us to take on what ever the kids throw at us when they get home!
Sometimes we go out of town but this weekend we stayed in town and went out to movies, shopping, rented movies, ate out a lot, and slept in! Schaugaards were pouring cement early Saturday morning and Jake needed Warren's help badly; so Warren asked me if it was ok to go help them while I slept in and then he would hurry home so we could go out for the day. I agreed, my husband would have been devastated if he couldn't go help, he never wants to let anyone down. So as I woke up that morning and was laying in bed trying to get out to go shower, I was thinking how yummy a pink sugar cookie from Freddy's sounded for breakfast. Low and behold when I stumbled into the kitchen sitting on the counter was a pink sugar cookie waiting for me. Warren got up early that morning and got me a cookie and then left it for me as a surprise. I was so excited...... boy does that man know the way to my heart! :)  That same day we went out to lunch at McGrath's so I could have me some Crab! I have been longing for Crab for years (yes it has been that long probably 6-8 years) Warren hates seafood but the sweet husband he is went to a seafood restaurant for me.
The server laughed when Warren ordered a burger and I ordered a very expensive Crab plate, he said in all his years of working there he had never taken an order for a burger. The food was great and I even got Warren to try my crab and he said it wasn't bad. We also made plans with our friends the Dutson's and went to their house and played games and ate junk, we always have an exciting time when we are with them. Mike Dutson is the reason Warren and I met. I became friends with Mike in High School and guess who his best friend was...... Warren! Mike takes pride in knowing that he is the reason we are together, well somewhat the reason we did fall in love.
I can't even put into words how I feel about my husband. He is the most amazing man I know! He would give the shirt off his back to a stranger if they needed it. I feel so blessed each and every day to have him by my side. He is my best friend, and I love the way we can make each other laugh. We do alot of laughing when we're not kissing, ha ha! We are more in love with each other than we were 17 years ago and our relationship only gets better with time! This weekend was seriously the best one ever, so good in fact that when Monday rolled around and we had to get back to everyday life I was super depressed! I texted Warren at work and told him that I was having withdrawls from him. I know I'm weird but I was so love sick that I actually felt depressed. He told me he felt the same way. Marriage really is work but when you are in a place that we are, it's happy work and the payoff is Beautiful!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Disneyland/California Adventure

We had a three day pass to the Disney parks and ended up going to Disneyland one day and California Adventure two. Baylee was so excited to ride some of the rides that she was too short for the last time we went to Disneyland and then balled her eyes out when she still couldn't ride the biggest and fastest roller coaster because she was too short. The poor girl is almost seven for heaven sakes. It just broke my heart when she was the only one who had to sit off the rides. As expected Warren and the boys complained about going to the Disney parks on the third day, they were good with only two days. We had so much fun!! One of the coolest moments for my boys was when they spotted one of their NFL football favorites that played for the Chicago Bears, Brian Urlacher. He was a few people in front of them in line to ride the California Scream'n roller coaster. Carson started to snap pictures of him and he put his hand up to cover his face when he noticed what Carson was doing. That totally made their trip! We also met up with my cousin Laura and her family and went out to dinner in Laguna. It was nice to catch up with them. I lived with them when I was in High School, when they used to live in Utah.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

California Trip

We just had another great vacation in California for a week in the middle of February. We left the night before Valentine's day and drove three hours to Parowan where we stayed with the Bettridges. We then got up the next morning (Valentine's Day) and drove the rest of the day and arrived at New Port Beach in the after noon. My dad and Jana and my sister Elisa and her family all made the trip down with us. We rented a Marriott Villa on New Port Beach over looking the ocean. It was BEAUTIFUL!! As always the kids couldn't wait to go to the beach, it was a quick ten minute walk from our Villa. It was sunny around 80 degrees, I didn't think we needed sunscreen but yes I was wrong. The kids had little sunburns but loved it anyways.


There are many things that make being a mom so rewarding. I am seriously the luckiest mom ever!! One of the things that I really try hard to do is to let my children know how much I love them and as often as I can. Every now and then I get an idea and I make it happen. Lately I have been leaving my kids notes that tell them that I love them on their beds or in their lunches or where ever I can. They always are so grateful and I can see how happy it makes them! Sometimes I put candy or gum with the notes and it always brightens their day!
The other day Baylee left me a note in my room ( pictured above ) that just melted my heart. She is just the sweetest thing!! This is what it says:   Dear Mom I love you because you are good at math and you are helpful and you are the best mom and you are smart and you are sweet and you make me happy. Love : Baylee to: Mom. you

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

High School Wrestling

What a fun and exciting season Connor had wrestling his first year as a freshman for Jordan High School! It all started a month before the wrestling season started when I told Connor he had to pick something to do in high school like a sport, an activity, a club etc. and we talked him into giving wrestling a try. Connor wrestled one season back when he was six or seven years old and hated it! He said he would never wrestle again, well never say never. Warren started teaching Connor some moves and soon enough Connor was addicted. The season started and Connor started out wrestling 152 and then dropped down to 145 by the second half of the season. Connor had many successes and took fourth in his first tournament and third in one of the last tournaments. He just kept on improving and after a three week rib injury he came back with a vengeance. I started keeping track of his wins because he was kicking every one's butt. The second half of the season he had 11 pins and 4 loses and in Region he won his first two matches and then lost his third and fourth matches. He even had his fastest pin in Region against a kid from Bingham, he pinned him in about fifteen seconds! Way to go Connor the next three years are going to be even better!!