Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brynlee gets Gold

The older grades in the school have requirements that they can do to earn medals and it's not always easy to earn the gold medal. Brynlee accomplished her goals and was awarded a gold medal. She was so happy! Here she is with a couple of her best buddies.

Brynlee's 4th grade program

Also in May, Brynlee had her fourth grade program along with grandparents day. My mom and dad and grandma Ohma came to her program and then had lunch with her. Brynlee had a speaking part that she gave and pulled it off beautifully. Some of the songs that they sang even made me tear up. This time of year with all the programs and such I get so emotional thinking about my children growing up. As much as I want them too, I still want them to be my babies for ever!

Baylee's Spring Tumbling Performance

Baylee did a great job at her tumbling performance back in May. Baylee is the smallest in her class and really enjoys her teacher, Deanna. Baylee is now learning back tucks and loves her new class. I can't wait to see what this girl will do next!

Baylee's First Grade Program

May was filled with end of year programs and Baylee had her program first. The program was so cute and my favorite part was at the end when the whole class did the What does a Fox say dance. Of course Baylee was right in front putting on a show for everyone with her mad dance skills! Then I had to get a pic of Baylee with her BFF Grace and her teacher Mrs. Bingham! What a great year!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome little miss Peyton!!

On May 2nd my brother and his girlfriend Tayler welcomed their second child Peyton Averie Rawson! She is the cutest little thing ever! Every family get together we all fight over her, she is for sure loved!

Easter Day

We had a beautiful Easter day, and later that night we had an Easter dinner at my mom's. The kids loved the impromptu soccer game that we played in my mom's backyard!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Easter at the White's

As I previously mentioned my birthday was the day before Easter and that evening we had an Easter get together at the White's. Grandma Ohma always puts on a great egg hunt for the kids and then we had a yummy b-que. Baylee and her cute cousin Kate decided to perform a montage of songs from the movie Frozen. It was seriously the cutest thing ever!