Sunday, July 27, 2014

Just keep Swimming

 At the beginning of summer I always ask my kids what activities they want to do in the coming weeks and swimming is always at the top of the list. This was our first trip out for the summer and so we headed over to the community pool by our house called white towers pool. Connor brought his friend Max and they all had a great time. I'm not into swimming so much so I sat in the shade and watched them play! Don't judge me, sometimes it has to be enough that I just took them, right? I just love the second picture of Baylee doing the splits off the diving board, she never ceases to amaze me!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Scooter Heaven

Ever since Carson got his new pro scooter for his birthday he lives and breaths the skate park! Hi literally sets his alarm for eight in the morning and heads out to the skate park and comes home for lunch and then goes back for the rest of the day. On the days he has soccer practice I have to make him stay home so he doesn't over do it in the 100 degree heat.
On Monday nights it's family night at the skate park and only kids with parents can come in. So this night Carson begged me to come and at first I didn't want to go out in the heat but then it hit me how much this means to him. To have a parent there to watch him would mean the world to him. Carson was so happy when I said I would go and I took these sweet pictures of him doing tricks! As I sat there watching him I thought about how lucky I am to have such great kids. I really love watching them do things that make them so happy! One of the highlights of being a mother for sure!

Girls Camp at the Cabin

I just did my second girls camp as camp director and this year I took them up to our family cabin. The leaders slept inside and the girls slept out in tents. My theme was "WHO am I " focusing on the girls knowing that they are daughters of God and I used owls to pull it all together. I think it went really well.
We did crafts, played games, certified, hiked, cooked, did skits, did a service project, had a testimony meeting, did a value hike, ate smores, and built lasting relationships! The girls favorite thing was playing in the Salina creek! They loved it and begged to go back the next day.  I had the girls paint for a service project and we gifted this picnic table to my in-laws for the use of their cabin & property. One of the best parts for me was having my sweet husband take off work to assist as one of the priesthood leaders! The last picture is of all of us leaders who came to camp and the short sweet lady in the front is my assistant camp director Bonnie. She is so amazing and knows so much, I hope to be like her one day she is the greatest example!

Youth Conference

My calling in my ward right now is Secretary in the Young Women's and Girls Camp Director. I was therefore invited to go to youth conference with the youth. We went to Reid's Ranch  June 12-14. I was excited to spend time with Connor away from everyday life. We did lots of fun activities like swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, mini golf, playing soccer, and more. We stayed in cabins and the food was pretty good. We had a little drama finding boys in one of our girls rooms but overall we had a great time. I just love the women leaders in our ward and loved the time we spent laughing in our room late every night!

Baylee & Carson's Birthday

On June 5th Baylee turned seven and on June 21st Carson turned 13. Baylee was so excited to turn seven, she asked for Lego's and that is mostly what she got. She wanted to go to Cafe Rio for her Birthday dinner and I brought treats into her class on her birthday.
Carson spent his birthday with my sister and her family because Warren and I were gone to girls camp. They took him to Lunch and then to the Herriman carnival and fireworks that night. He had a great day with them which made me feel a little better about missing most of his birthday. Carson chose to get Panda Express for his birthday lunch that next week and the best part was the scooter that he bought with all of his birthday money! He spends every waking minute on his new pro scooter!
We also had a family birthday party for both Carson and Baylee earlier that month!

Brynlee's Ballet Recital

Brynlee had her year end dance recital back in June. Brynlee has a passion for ballet and enjoys taking classes with her friends. Brynlee did a beautiful job and looked gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brynlee gets Gold

The older grades in the school have requirements that they can do to earn medals and it's not always easy to earn the gold medal. Brynlee accomplished her goals and was awarded a gold medal. She was so happy! Here she is with a couple of her best buddies.